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If it haven’t fully sinked in to your understanding yet, let me say the words for you: I am a deeply unhappy person.

Warning: I’m about to rant.

I don’t know if you, or anyone in this case, have been in this phase in life where you just think everything is shit and everyone is shitting you. Or maybe, it’s the other way around. Actually, no it is not. But really, what are you gonna do if you were in my chuck taylors?

1. You woke up two hours before the time you set on your alarm clock. But not because you’re an early bird who beats the shit out of everything because you want to have the early worm. You woke up because someone decided to fcking make his/her alarm clock tone a lullaby.
2. You know you need to prepare for the day now. And you have plenty of time. But you preferred to sit on the toilet for an hour so you can zone out, and wonder why you keep on doing everything you do.
3. Somewhere, a signal gun just went off. You now realize that the moment you step out of your house that you just entered the Hunger Games. If you’re in any luck, you just have to triathlon your way to where you’re headed to.
4. And congratulations! You just reached your destiny! Don’t forget to plaster a smile and a friendly vibe around your neck so you won’t make people feel awkward around you. Keep this up for at least 9 fucking hours.
5. Oh wow! Someone just said something and you don’t give a fuck but uh-uh, you have to laugh!
6. Log into your social accounts and fight the urge to flip everything because of too many shit you see and read.
7. Cunts.

If you thought I am a funny and KIND person, I AM NOT. Fucking go away.