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Today is my third day at my new work. Let’s just be honest about something — I feel like flipping everything.

For starters, riding the MRT at 8AM and at 6PM every weekday is one of the most dangerous parts of my day. I don’t want to scare you or anything like that, but let me just say that if you’re wearing a button-down top and you’re to ride the train at those times, consider bringing an emergency sewing kit and extra buttons. And that’s just saying something.

Anyway, I’m on a week-long training which consists of reading very looooooong manuals, my “superior/trainer” making me explain what I understood, some activities regarding them, brief Skype conversations (and oh, I’m still using the Skype account I used on my previous work) with current colleagues as well as with my previous work buddies, and endless wondering where I’d eat for lunch. Yep. We eat lunch during the actual lunch time, not at 6PM. 😀 And that isn’t quite a good thing because I was used to having 3PM (first break at previous work) as my first meal time everyday.

And really, I miss previous work friends KT and Marj and Maine whenever the idea of eating dawns on me. I miss how they always despise me when I think of eating at McDo’s (it’s my favorite fastfood, I can’t do anything about that LoL). I miss the times KT and Marj will talk about where to eat something healthy and I would cringe like I always do, and Maine will be there *most of the time* to save my intestines from falling apart. I miss not caring about the time when eating because overbreak wasn’t an issue. I miss having the pantry at reach when I want to eat my boredom away. I miss the coffee-milo-juice-iced-tea drink choices. I miss having mini-chats with everyone when we’re making coffee or anything. I miss the five-finger sharing on meetings. I miss being awfully quiet whenever you-know-who’s around. I miss Tweeting and Facebook-ing when I need distractions. I miss those times I get so lucky I’d see my crush *hihi* and so unlucky I’d see the person I loathe (I mean, I hate him for no real reason). I miss my 21-or-22-inched monitor. I miss my very slouching-friendly chair. I miss the free candies and crackers. I miss casually dropping by everyone’s stations when I am really bored. I miss everyone. And that’s still just saying something.

We have free coffee at my new work office too. I have cool and friendly colleagues now. The mall’s at reach. But I feel like flipping my looks-like-14-inches monitor and my not-slouching-friendly chair and everything else at 12PM because I feel alone. And lonely. And awkward, like I always feel. And that’s just for starters.

More rants pouring in next week. LoL. 😀