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At 7:30 this morning, an unidentified object went flying to the other side of the room.

I seldom have either good or long night sleeps, so it is a serious offense against humanity to wake me up at an ungawdly time FOR FUCKING SELFISH REASONS. The logic is that with this abnormal heat lately, my body gets so uncomfortable that it automatically wakes up on or before 10AM. Therefore, nothing will be considered urgent and important enough until 10AM.

Hate me all you can, but I won’t give a fuck. Please know the fact that I CAN’T SLEEP at night until 3AM (the earliest) and I am forced to wake up at 10AM. That’s only 7 hours of rest, people! Once I get out of bed on a weekday, there’s no turning back because 1) it’s so hot to go back to sleep that I might melt if I will try doing so and 2) I have work to go to. So please, do not, I beg, NEVER wake me up at 7AM because you need to make me do something for you — or else I will have no choice but to throw onto you the first thing that my hand touches.

You pick your fate.